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  • Nadia Rodriguez

The Benefits of Live Stream Exercise Classes Over Prerecorded Classes

Since the start on the pandemic, virtual fitness classes have exploded. Many of you know there are two main avenues to participate in virtual fitness classes: 1) prerecorded classes and 2) live stream classes. What's the difference you might ask?

Prerecorded Fitness Classes are classes that are video recordings that one purchases access to for a specific amount of time. For example, typically one might purchase access to virtual fitness library for $30/month.

Live Stream Fitness Classes more closely mirror the class experience you would have in a fitness studio. Live stream classes are typically available both in private and group format. Class meetings are conducted via a video collaboration tool such as Zoom or Google Meet. Typically live stream fitness class pricing is analogous to pricing for on site fitness classes.

While live stream fitness classes tend to be more expensive than prerecorded classes, at Bodytonic we believe the benefits of live stream classes compared to prerecorded classes are substantial. Below we've listed our top 3 reasons to choose a live stream fitness class over a prerecorded one.

During prerecorded classes, are you ever unsure if you are doing an exercise correctly? During live stream classes, your instructor is able to keep an eye of your form and will guide you through any relevant corrections and modifications. Not only this, but you are able to ask your instructor questions in real time.

Are there specific areas of your body or movements that you want to focus on? At Bodytonic, our livestream virtual classes have a maximum of six students per class. Because we have small classes sizes, all classes are tailored on the spot to participants needs. Want to stretch your hips after sitting all day or work on perfecting your teaser? Ask and you shall receive.

During live stream classes you are building community with individuals who have shared interests. We all know living through a pandemic isn't easy. Social connectedness is an important aspect of one's health. Live stream classes support both physical and emotional health in ways prerecorded classes simply can not. Also, as you build a connection with your teacher and workout friends, you are simultaneously building exercise adherence, this equals RESULTS.

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