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Seattle Pilates Studio Instructor practing the swan on Pilates Trapeze Table.


If you cannot keep your appointment, you are required to notify Bodytonic Pilates 24 hours in advance or agree to pay in full for the missed appointment.

All monthly memberships expire four weeks from initiation.

Solo class monthly memberships are allowed one one-week extension per package.

All purchases are final and non-refundable. Payment is required at the time of booking.  Payment methods accepted: credit/debit cards & cash.

Class Schedules are subject to change and availability. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are 55 minutes.

Duet and Trio Classes attendance requires prior Pilates experience and Instructor approval.

Duet & Trio Classes are scheduled on a standing appointment basis to ensure a stable workout routine for all class members. When you have to miss a class, you cannot reschedule the class as not to disturb your duet or trio partner’s workout routine and goals. You may, however, sign up for a make-up class online.  You can attend make-up classes by signing up for a duet/trio make-up class, a springboard class, or a virtual class

Make-up classes can be attended only if you have provided a 24-hours notice when canceling your original class.

Make-up classes are only available to actively enrolled clients. You may not utilize the make-up class system once your package has expired. Please make an effort to utilize your make-up classes before your packages expire. If you need help finding a make-up class feel free to contact us.

Grip socks are required for all classes.

Please wash or sanitize your hands before class.

Registration for automatic invoice payment is required for monthly memberships. Invoices are sent for monthly memberships on the day they are due.

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"Totally cool professional studio in the heart of Pioneer Square.  I have been going twice each week for 5 years.  The owner Nadia is skilled, can be demanding in the best way and brooks no fools.   Nadia makes it easy to sign up for missed classes, and I always feel I am getting my moneys' worth with the careful specific instruction. Amanda, the other instructor I see, is also top notch: observant and creative.  I have grown stronger over the years, and have kept on-going physical problems at bay, needing much less time at my PT (who always reminds me how much Pilates has saved me from previous chronic pain)."


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