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Offering a refreshing alternative to the typical gym workout, Pilates can transform the way your body looks, feels, and performs, while also providing a successful tool for stress relief, pain reduction, and injury prevention. Additionally, Pilates may keep you healthy. According to a 2013 study at Duke University Medical Center, there is growing evidence to support that mindful exercise, such as Pilates, reduces cardiovascular health risk factors and improves mood state, making it an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Pilates instruction at Bodytonic emphasizes blending strength, mobility, and flexibility training while focusing on precise skeletal alignment, muscular contractions, and breathing patterns.  Our classes focus on the quality of movement (AKA technique) rather than the number of repetitions performed or weights lifted.  During your classes at Bodytonic, you will work every major muscle group, with particular emphasis given to the abdominal, back, hip girdle, and shoulder girdle muscles. This fusion provides a refreshing, energizing, and balancing workout that improves musculoskeletal balance, joint health, athletic performance, injury prevention, and stress and pain reduction.

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Fitness innovator Joseph H. Pilates (1881-1967) first developed an interest in exercise techniques from his determination to strengthen his body after growing up as a sickly child in Germany. He created the Pilates exercise system in the 1920s and opened his first studio in New York City in 1926. Some of the first people he treated were soldiers returning from war and dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine. Other dancers and athletes were quickly drawn to Pilates to heal their aches and pains and recover from injuries. In the past few decades, Pilates has become the fastest-growing exercise modality around the world.


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Emilia comes from Costa Rica and is a certified yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, and licensed massage therapist. After seven years of experience as a movement instructor and massage therapist well-versed in various movement styles, Emilia has developed a multifaceted approach to pilates. Her goal is that each of her students leaves her class feeling balanced and inspired.


Certified Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, LMP


Owner, Certified Pilates Instructor, BHSc

Nadia’s first experience with Pilates began in 1990, using mat exercises to cross condition for her dance training, and in 1995 using pilates equipment to rehabilitate dance-related injuries. For her instructor training, she studied under Jane Erskine, owner of one of the first Pilates studios in Seattle and daughter of the famed ballerina and first director of the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Janet Reed. Nadia completed her instructor training in 2002 at the Pacific Northwest School of Pilates. She has developed a loyal following from her work teaching in Pilates & yoga studios, physical therapy clinics, & in personal home gyms. Nadia’s practice involves working with professional athletes to those recovering from injuries and applying classical and contemporary Pilates techniques.  Her philosophy prioritizes her client’s goals and desires while teaching them how to produce somatic longevity, efficiency, and balance.


In addition to Pilates, Nadia has over 30 years of professional experience in the movement field, including Gyrotonic, yoga, gymnastics, and classical & modern dance. Before becoming a Pilates instructor she trained and danced professionally in both Seattle and NYC, where she was a trainee with the Martha Graham Dance Company. Nadia holds a B.S in Health & Human Performance from Eastern Oregon University and a certificate in Women’s Exercise Training and Wellness from Washington State University

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Certified Pilates Instructor, LMP

Robyn has been teaching Pilates for 6 years, has been a licensed massage therapist for 11 years, and danced in small, community modern and Afro-Brazilian dance troupes in the 90s in San Francisco.  She fully believes in the power of movement and how it can heal the body and the mind. Her passion is in showing people how to love the body they have by moving with more ease and joy. 


Her teaching style is an accessible strength-based pilates that meets people where they are at. She incorporates general fitness into each of her classes, coaching her clients on how to find the most efficient way to move for their bodies. Past clients have said her classes are challenging but not intimidating, and that they always leave feeling confident and energized. 

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Certified Pilates Instructor

Heather Mullen is a sought-after and respected pilates instructor in the Seattle area. For over 25 years she has been a catalyst for change for hundreds of individuals.  Some seeking physical transformation, and others seeking to overcome injury or personal physical setbacks, Heather’s compassionate-yet-demanding approach has enabled her clients to not only reach their goals but for many to truly regain a quality of life through fitness and healing of both the body and the spirit.


Having always approached fitness from a highly competitive mindset shaped by years as a competitive kayak racer, cyclist, dancer, and rower – a nearly-fatal cycling accident left Heather physically and emotionally devastated.  Forced to confront her own personal struggle and grief that surfaced from the accident, Heather not only recovered but emerged with an entirely new perspective and respect for the human body and how, if properly and intelligently cared for, could bring about more than just physical strength but confidence, joy, and peace of mind.



Certified Pilates Instructor

Jessica has been teaching Pilates for the last ten years after completing the teacher training program at EHS Pilates in San Francisco. She became interested in Pilates when introduced to it by a dance director. She quickly came to love the amount of strength it gave to her core and how much it helped improve her balance. Today she likes to share this knowledge with her clients to help them improve their posture, coordination, balance, precision, core and muscle strength and overall wellbeing. Being a dancer, she enjoys incorporaring ballet techniques into Pilates sessions with her clients. She moved to Seattle in 2013 to dance for a season with Ballet Bellevue and now also teaches ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and modern dance.

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Certified Pilates Instructor

Olivia has 11 years of experience as an instructor well versed in various styles of movement. She is particularly passionate about Pilates and Dance.


Olivia comes from Chicago, where she danced professionally & taught Yoga and Pilates at various studios - including The Joffrey Ballet. With her modern approach to Pilates, she enjoys coming up with creative flows. It is her goal that each one of her students leaves her class feeling empowered.

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Certified Pilates Instructor

I felt a strong disturbance in the force. Running on all cylinders; 20 hours of piano a week. The life of a working pianist. My body shrinking unable to catch a breath. Each hour at the piano, I slouched more and more. It took a long time to recover and stand upright. I couldn’t tell the difference between someone who worked a desk job and myself. My love of playing piano diminished. I felt defeated. I didn’t know what to do.  I disconnected from any feeling and quietly quit in my heart. My body was going nowhere fast. 


I’ve landed on ground zero and needed to rebuild. I realized I needed a stronger foundation since the current structure only got me so far. I needed new way to live life with zest pain free. I needed to play and live not only for the music but for my new born daughter who was my song. I needed a life of balance and empowerment. 


Fletcher Pilates was that missing piece. 


So I embarked on a journey to discover where intention, music, and movement went hand in hand. Dance as some people would call it. I call it healing holistically. It was strange at first but I soon realized it was another piece of the puzzle to living a life of freedom. 


Embracing this new found freedom, I share this path with everyone I come across. I do my best to lead people to move better and feel better in their own bodies. I approach with kindness always. 

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Strongly recommend the private sessions with Nadia and group Spring Board classes. Working with Nadia through and after my pregnancy has been essential to my overall ability to maintain strength and stability in a totally shifting and changing body. This beautiful studio and supportive community is definitely one of my happy places in our lovely city.


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