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Letter from a client

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hi Nadia,

I was a client of yours back in summer of 06. Not sure if this will help you remember but I was the Asian girl with psoriasis. I just wanted you to know how I really appreciate your services during that stint when I was training with you. Looking back now, I realize that I hadn’t done much to keep myself healthy up until that point where I started to take sessions with you.

From the first meeting, I was able to see the power of connecting the mind to body. Pilates was just the thing to help me feel more capable and confident to pursue an active lifestyle – or at least it helped to conquer the inactive and unhealthy demon inside of me. Unfortunately, my psoriasis has developed even greater over time and now I’m about 80% covered in this stuff.

But not to fret, I’ve decided to fight back by staying strong and even pushing myself to go through a Pilates teacher course in the area. Because of my condition, I have a 30% chance of getting the psoratic arthritis. I’m hoping that by seriously practicing Pilates I will be able to prevent or at least eleviate some of these ongoing issues.

Though I know there is no cure yet I choose to remain optimistic. A disease like psoriasis can make a person feel helpless, defeated and powerless. Pilates has been one of the small ways I’ve been able to take back control. Through each workout I can apply myself to focus and concentrate on muscle isolation, posture and mind-body connection.

I’m sharing all of this with you in hopes that you can pass it on to any of your current clients that might be going through similar health issues or are just facing some sort of road block. I sincerely thank you for being a part of my journey to finding true worth in well-being. Best wishes to you and your studio!

May you keep on spreading the love! Angela

Angela is a true joy and has reminded me how meaningful our work has the potential to be, thanks Angela!     ~Nadia

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